AMD Ryzen™ 9 Desktop Processors
Released 2020-11-05
Ice Lake
Released 2021-04-06
Node Size
AMD Product Specifications 7nm
Intel Ark 10nm
Core Specifications
AMD Product Specifications 16
Intel Ark 24
AMD Product Specifications 32
Intel Ark 48
Base Clock
AMD Product Specifications 3.4 GHz
Intel Ark 2.4 GHz
Boost Clock
AMD Product Specifications 4.9 GHz
Intel Ark 3.6 GHz
L3 Cache
AMD Product Specifications 64MB
Intel Ark 36MB
Maximum Temperature
AMD Product Specifications 90°C
AMD Product Specifications 105W
Intel Ark 185W
Memory Support
Memory Channels
Intel Ark 8
Gaming Benchmarks
The Division 2 1080P Medium
Gamers Nexus 240.9FPS
Total War: Three Kingdoms Battle High 1080P
Gamers Nexus 206.1FPS
Civilization VI Turn Time
Gamers Nexus 26.6s
F1 2020 1080P High
Gamers Nexus 352FPS
Red Dead Redemption 2 1080p Medium/Custom
Gamers Nexus 168FPS
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1080P Medium
Gamers Nexus 203.1FPS
Single Core Benchmarks
Cinebench R23 Singlecore
CPU Monkey 1639
Cinebench R20 Singlecore
CPU Monkey 647
Cinebench R15 Singlecore
CPU Monkey 277
GeekBench 5 Singlecore
Geekbench 1689
Geekbench 689
PassMark Thread Score
PassMark 3497
Multi Core Benchmarks
Vray 4
Gamers Nexus 31237ksamples
FFmpeg H264 to H265
Gamers Nexus 16.3m
7zip 1900 x64 Compression
Gamers Nexus 132193.3MIPS
7zip 1900 x64 decompression
Gamers Nexus 219160.7MIPS
Cinebench R23 Multicore
CPU Monkey 28641
Cinebench R20 Multicore
CPU Monkey 10428
Cinebench R15 Multicore
CPU Monkey 4569
GeekBench 5 Multicore
Geekbench 16681
Geekbench 3025
PassMark Multicore Score
PassMark 46120
Other Benchmarks
Chromium Compile (Windows)
Gamers Nexus 46.3m
Adobe Photoshop CC 22
Gamers Nexus 1327.8